I’ve had enough! It’s women in any form,

I’ve been with this man for two years and over the course of time it has been lying, cheating and abuse and I let it all go!! The disrespect with watching other women in  front of me then lying about it. Him contacting exes asking to give them oral sex, down to watching porn on my phone and then blaming my kids. I let it go because it had seemed that he changed. Then the recent incident with him watching  a girl bent over in front of me, I spoke with him about it. I did not get upset I saw it as small and had an adult conversation. He claimed that it was all in my head and that he is no longer the guy he use to be that sex and women isn’t his main priority anymore and he wants the family life. Six months so far and I didn’t really have much to complain  about aside from his victim attitude and his immatureness. The other day I asked him why is he always looking in my phone , he said I can look in his because there is nothing to hide. I told him his phone doesn’t work normally you can’t see anything anyway. He said ( I know.)

I didn’t think anything of it at the time but then today I got to thinking ( wait. hold on) if he thinks that then he is doing stuff! I got up this morning to see why his phone wouldn’t act right, the other day he had asked me to try and fix it not knowing I did figure it out, and what did I see? I’ll tell you ASS, TITS AND EVERYTHING ELSE AND I MEAN VERY EXPLICIT! he’s back to this again. I didn’t get mad I was hurt because we talked about this before and I even suggested if there was a problem we could talk, fix it or watch certain things together as a couple to keep the relationship healthy, and of course he’s like ( no, I don’t want that.) but here he is again when I’m sleep on porn sites and hood amateur sites and gets up in the morning like he hasn’t any secrets. I didn’t even ask him about it yet because so far he thinks his phone still can’t pull up history so he just keeps saying he doesn’t do anything  but play chess. why is he lying to me? if I’m open to things and why does he keep doing this to me???

before I do something dramatic because I am tired of always dealing with other women in some form in this relationship!!

He is out at the moment and I don’t even know where to begin when I see him because all he will do is lie!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox so frustrated and drained, it seems he will always be this person then lie about it and make me think I’m crazy, please any advice, I have been in this for two years making excuses, I have no more.. I do whatever this man asks for even when I feel like I shouldn’t, when is it my turn for happiness


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  1. Awwww…. I’m sorry darlin’! This sucks so bad!! I can’t believe he would blame your KIDS for the porn! Now THAT is low!! At this point? GET RID OF HIM!! I know it sucks, and I know I’ve said in the past that sometimes people change… but, that just does NOT seem to be happening! He’s not worth your time and effort. Also, if he’s this much of a sleeze do you really WANT him around your children?

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    1. I’ve really been so messed up inside. I just can’t figure it out. I talk about things I share my feelings about how it feels and he sits there and acts like it matters then go right back. Thank you much for caring and for taking time to comment. I feel like so many people excuse behavior like this as if my feelings are not valid, that I even began to doubt myself. I just can’t take it anymore and despite others opinions I don’t feel like I should have to. thank you again for being there and lending real caring advice

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      1. I’m always here! I definitely know how you feel. Your feelings are definitely valid and if he’s not going to listen to them and commit them to heart, then don’t waste your breath anymore. He’s obviously not worth the lung capacity!
        I hope things get better!!!

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      1. Aboslutely. A lot of the times, we stand in our own way to recieve blessings from God because we are too afraid of the pain we’ll have to go through, but then thats when God promises that he will get us through it.

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  2. If you ever want to talk outside of this, please email me at ashleytsmith60@gmail.com. I’ve been through the exact same thing, girl! We need to stick together and help each other through this. I am never here to judge you or your situation. I can be a sounding board if you’d like, or if you want my advice and I can give that too. Just know that I am here. I was out through my situation, so I can encourage people to get through it and let you know there is hope for change. Love you girl!

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