Once a liar there’s always a lie.

People can't change the basic aspects of their character. Especially negative ones. We can not change the nature of things or the bad qualities a person has, no matter how bad we want to believe we can. People are quick to yell (people change.) ok so put a lion in the middle of a school... Continue Reading →


It’s not just me,

I know off the fact of my featured photo that some may go, aww or how sad but it's really not. I was getting married even picked out my dressĀ  and location. Then happened what always happens in my relationship. disaster! It's like we both have our problems but some issues just shouldn't be. I'm... Continue Reading →


I feel as people we all find peace in our own way. As I look at this photo I feel a sense of calmness. At ease. My life is pretty busy, having seven kids and a house pet. I really don't have much time for myself at all. My mind is always on speed and... Continue Reading →

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