So Much DEATH.

It's been so much death lately it seems, everyone around me My heart has been heavy by so many people I care about just vanishing like a winter day. Recently life has been so difficult to just keep moving as if nothing has happened. The fact that it's a part of life doesn't make the... Continue Reading →


Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.What’s your story?

It's been a while yet again before I really sat down and took the time to write. I don't know exactly why this keeps happening but I can just say (It's life.) I have been trying my hardest to keep things afloat lately and I think that I have done a decent job at it.... Continue Reading →

It happened!

After years and years and many many more years I finally was able to go home again to n.y and visit my mom! I haven't written on here in a while because I was going through some things and visiting my mommy. I had a great time. went to the shooting range with her and... Continue Reading →


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ When I think of that name I think of what that means to me, there are no words that would describe all my feelings toward it. I will try my best though because the person behind the name has always giving her absolute best for me. When you care about something most the words... Continue Reading →

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